Hareley Farm - The perfect escape | Access Statement
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Access Statement


Hareley Barn is a converted stone and brick building built in approximately 1580 with access to the front of the property.  We have tried to provide as much information as possible in this statement but if you have any queries please do contact us.  We look forward to welcoming you.


We have a website and are also listed in the Premier Cottages website, www.premiercottages.co.uk.

Bookings/enquiries can be made via e-mail or telephone.

The nearest train station (Malvern) is 15 miles away: there are accessible taxis at the station.

The nearest bus stop is three miles away (the route to the bus stop is very hilly).

Arrival and Car Parking Facilities:

Luggage can be unloaded at the front of the cottage.

There is parking in the yard immediately in front of the cottage (no dropped kerb).

There is parking for two cars in the yard – after unloading cars must be parked on one side or the other of the yard, to allow access for farm vehicles if necessary.

The entrance at the front has 5mm threshold.  The doorway is 89 cm wide (door hinged on the left).

Access to the entrance is via a sloping courtyard with a slightly uneven concrete surface.

Living/Dining Room

Inside the entrance is the living/dining room.

From this room there is an archway 1.22m wide (no door) to the kitchen.

There is an archway 1.67m wide with central meeting doors to the twin bedded (Hayrack) room.

There is an archway 81cm wide to the inner hallway.

Table – (movable side to side) with legs on each corner, 63cm floor to lowest point of table (underspace), 1.53 metres long, 92cm wide and 75cm high.

Chairs (all movable) – up to four to six folding chairs as required, with detachable padded cushions and no arms.

There is a large free space at the doorway end of the table to allow entry.

There is a woolen rug.

Furniture is movable and there are four cushions provided.

There are two sofas with arms, the seats of both are 43 cm high.

The largest area free of furniture and doors is 1.72m x 3.94m.

Teletext television is provided with remote control (DVD,CD player, VHS video, stereo with CD and radio are also available).

Hayrack (twin) Bedroom:

This has a doorway (hinged on the right) 89cm wide to the yard in front of the building.

Twin beds (3ft) are provided.

Largest transfer space available to left of one bed is 1.0m.

Largest transfer space available to right of one bed is 50cm.

Between beds there is 77cm transfer space available.

Both beds are movable.

Bed heights are 61cm from floor to top of mattress.

Largest free space clear of doors and furniture is 7.93m x 1.63m.

There is one small coir fibre rug.

Inner Hall:

L-shaped, narrowest dimension is 1.06m wide.

Separate Bathroom:

Spa bath 54cm high, with integral hand rails on each side.

Door width is 88m, hinged on right.

Large walk-in shower area in one corner, with non-slip tiled floor.

Free space in bathroom (free of doors and furniture is 2.69m x 1.08m.

Toilet seat height is 41cm.

Space to right of toilet is 44cm, and 26cm to the left.

There is a horizontal support rail next to the shower.

Cart Shed Bedroom:

The door I 88cm wide, hinged to the left.

There is a king size bed, the height from floor to top of mattress is 59cm.

Transfer space to the left is 68cm and to the right is 1.38m.

Free space (free of furniture and doors) is 3.3m x 1.78m.

There are two coir fibre rugs.

En Suite Bathroom:

There is a 18cm step down into the bathroom.

The door width is 64cm, hinged on the left.

Toilet seat height is 40cm.

Space to right of toilet is 43cm and 82 to the left.

Bath height is 64cm.  No hand rails.

Free space in en suite bathroom free of doors and furniture) is 3.66m x 92cm.

There is one sisal rug.

Good colour contrast between walls, floor and furniture.


The worktop is 93cm high, it has an integral sink with single drainer to the left..

The clear space (free of doors and furniture) is 2.45m x 1.63m.

There is an electric cooker 93cm high, with oven door at the bottom and waist-high grill.

China and glassware are stored in wall cupboards.

Refrigerator is available with freezer space at the top, hinged to the left.


At the end of the building, accessed from outside, is the Laundry.

The doorway is 89cm wide and the clear space is 1.71m x 1.7m.

It has a standard size front-loading washing machine and separate tumble drier.

Outdoor Facilities:

There is access through three gates, a stony area and strip of grass to a children’s grass play area with swing, slide, climbing frame, small hillock, wooden boat, stepping logs and bench.

Other Information:

No pets are allowed in Hareley Barn.

No smoking is allowed indoors.

Flooring throughout is stone slabs (surface slightly uneven).

Non-feather duvets and pillows are provided.

Cotton towels and teatowels are provided.

Sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases are polyester-cotton.

Light switches are at a standard height throughout.  Power points (apart from four above the kitchen worktop) are above skirting board height.

Mobile phone reception is poor inside the building but slightly better in the yard.