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“It’s hard to pinpoint when Spring changes to Summer – it certainly has nothing to do with the date.”

This is the time of year when the ancient meadowland at Hareley Farm is at its best.  Swallows skim pastures filled with wildflowers, native grasses and butterflies.  The farm is full of young life.  The lambs will soon be weaned from the ewes and many of the chicks and poults are now gawky, half-feathered chickens and turkeys.  It’s an important time to get everything just right as most of our livestock and poultry is from heritage native breeds and we need as many as possible to not only survive but thrive and keep the breeds going for the future.

We’re looking forward to welcoming guests again and they can be assured we shall be adhering to all Government guidelines with regard to their health and safety.  Hareley Barn benefits from being an individual property with its’ own entrance, although this year the usual greeting of a hearty handshake will be exchanged for a welcoming wave.