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“The first day when a light mist blurs the outlines of the trees across the valley signals the start of Autumn for us.”

The gold and red colours of Autumn can last for months, depending on the weather, with the oak trees the last to lose their leaves.


The village shows and fetes are replaced by Harvest Festivals and we start planning which ewes will go to the ram for next Spring’s lambs – you’re always planning ahead on the farm!


The incubator will be cleaned and packed away and surplus poultry sold to reduce numbers over the coming months.  Pigs breed all year round and piglets born in Winter will have an infra red lamp to snuggle under if it gets chilly.


The National Trust properties of Brockhampton, Berrington Hall and Croft Castle are still open to visitors, as are Hampton Court (older than the one in Surrey!) and Eastnor Castle, as well as the gardens of Hergest Croft and maple walk of Queenswood Country Park.