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“The first day when a light mist blurs the outlines of the trees across the valley signals the beginning of Autumn for us.”

The trees changing from green to gold and red sometimes takes months, depending on the weather, with the oak trees generally the last to lose their leaves.  The Redwings fly in from Scandinavia in sixes and sevens at first, then flocks of dozens and hundreds fly across the valley, descending on the hawthorn trees ad stripping them of berries in a few hours.

We’re glad to be welcoming guests again and they can be assured we shall be adhering to all Government guidelines with regard to their health and safety.  Hareley Barn benefits from being an individual property with its’ own entrance, although this year the usual greeting of a hearty handshake will be exchanged for a welcoming wave.  The area immediately outside Hareley Barn will be available for guests’ use, and has a picnic table overlooking the valley, but for now guests will not be able to access the farm fields, as the work of a livestock farm cannot sit comfortably beside Covid-19 sanitising requirements.  The footpaths on Bringsty Common, five minutes’ walk away, are open and a detailed map is available for guests’ use.

The incubator has been cleaned and packed way for next Spring and the ewes will soon go to the rams for next Spring’s lamb crop – you’re always planning ahead on the farm!