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This is the time of year when the woods and meadows of Hareley Farm transform into gold and red.

Haymaking and harvest are behind us and we're busy stacking logs for the woodburner.

The lambs are growing well and the chicks which hatched this Spring will soon be laying eggs.

It’s an important time to get everything just right as most of our livestock and poultry is from rare or traditional native breeds and we need as many as possible to not only survive but thrive and keep the breeds going for the future.

It’s one of the loveliest times of year at Hampton Court and Eastnor Castle and the National Trust properties at Lower Brockhampton, Berrington Hall and Croft Castle.   It’s also the time of year when the young swallows that hatched on the farm in May are practicing their flying – the adults will leave in September but the youngsters may stay behind for several weeks after that, strengthening their wings for the long journey South.